Swinging doors are designed for use in large cold store rooms, storage, refrigeration and distribution and in small stores where, for the high volume of pedestrian crossing and with a cart, you need a quick push opening and conceived for to separate different environments in every occasion, allowing to keep a constant temperature, reducing energy consumption and protecting environments from dust and exhaust gas.

Great attention was paid to the choice of materials, as well as to aesthetics, cleanliness and ease of installation.
Careful study has enabled us to hide all the points of attachment to the wall and thus achieve an extremely neat appearance.

Swinging doors are composed of an varnished aluminum tube counter-frame on which is mounted a door pane with PVC framework and paneling walls.
The insulation is made up injected polyurethane inside the door panel.
The opening and closing is obtained by the movement of the doors in both directions via double action PVC spring hinges.
The door panel is fitted oval visual hole made in Plexiglas and protective gaskets on the bottom of the panel.